Try a Vacation to Banff

17 Sep

Banff, ABIf you’re planning a trip to Banff National Park there are a few things you should know beforehand. First of all did you know that Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada? Banff National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains on the Canadian side of course and was established in 1885 by the Canadian government. Banff National Park is over 2,500 Square Miles or 6,600 square kilometers for you non-Americans out there. The best thing about visiting this national treasure is that you don’t have to be a naturist or extreme hiker/camping enthusiast to enjoy Banff. There are plenty of Banff hotels within the park itself and they are all located in some of the most beautiful countryside in North America. I am not this rugged mountain climbing nature enthusiast myself and I love taking the family to Banff every other year or so for our family vacation. The scenery draws you in and brings an inner peace about you that cannot be explained in words. You really do have to experience it to believe it.
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Seven Fabulously Free Things to Do and See in NYC

28 Aug

New York UniversityWe all know that New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the United States. But did you know that there are plenty of free events and activities for people of all ages? If you’ve always dreamed of a trip to the Big Apple, spend your money on hotel and airfare and explore the city on a budget with these great tips. With a little creativity and planning, it’s possible to experience the best of New York without breaking your pocketbook. Read on to learn more!

1. Visit the African Burial Ground

If you’re interested in African-American history, consider visiting this controversial site. In 1991, the remains of more than 400 slaves were uncovered by a construction project. Continue Reading

Boracay Island: A Paradise in Panay

19 Feb

boraVacation trips are quite an interesting way to spend summer. The list of places to visit goes on from big city attractions to romantic places to amusement parks and zoos and probably to one of the most popular of them all, beaches.  Nothing really beats the feel of beach water engulfing your body under the summer sun and the way the sand gently massages your feet and body as you play on it. Simply put it as fun and excitement.

If you are planning a vacation trip and Philippines is one of your destination, Boracay Island should be on top of your list. Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region. It is just 7 kilometers long, and less than a kilometer wide at its narrowest point – a tropical paradise the size of a postcard.

Boracay Island is originally home to the Ati tribe before outsiders discovered it. In fact, it was already inhabited long before the Spaniards came to the Philippines. The Ati belonged to a Southeast Asian ethnic group labeled by the Spaniards as Negritos. Negritos closest comparison would be the Aborigines from Australia. The name Boracay came from the word “borac”. In the Ati’s dialect, the old word “borac” meant “cotton” in reference to its sand, which was cotton-like in color and texture. There is another version of the naming of the island though. It came from an alternative meaning of the word “borac” (bubbles) and “bocay” (white), as the Atis elders were amazed at the resemblance of the white sand to water bubbles.

Before Boracay became the “Best Overall Island of 2012” by the Travel+Leisure Magazine out of all the islands in the world, tourism only came to the island in the beginning of 1970’s. It was introduced to the world when the 1970 movie “Too Late the Hero” was filmed in the island. Since then, Boracay became a hotspot for backpackers in the 1980’s and by the 1990’s Boracay’s beaches were being acclaimed as the best in the world.

The main tourist attraction on Boracay is its beautiful beaches with cotton-soft, white sand and clear water the color of the sky. If its shoreline is two outstretched arms, imagine yourself enjoying the comfort it can bring. The seas around the Boracay Island also contain a large variety of marine life due to its extensive coral reefs. And if you think these are all it can offer, the island offers more than you can imagine. It also has many caves adventurer would surely salivate on—Bat cave, Crystal Cave, and Buslugan Cave to name a few.

Interestingly, the island is divided into three stations. Station 1, the northernmost station, has the wildest beachfront. It is but appropriate then that it also has the best and most expensive resort and hotels. Station 2, on the other hand, is the place where people come to eat, shop and party. Lastly, if you are looking for a calm and silent area, Station 3, the southernmost section, is the area for you.

A visit to the Sulphur Mountain in Banff

03 Feb

mountainThe Sulphur Mountain in Banff is one of the world’s most majestic places with awe-inspiring sceneries. It is a place that is worth visiting several times in your lifetime. This is especially the case if you are one of those people who are found of mountain hiking. The Sulphur Mountain (go here) makes its nest in the Canadian Rocky Mountains overlooking the ever lovely town of Banff in Alberta.

Getting up to the mountain is pretty easy and for most people rather fun. Each year tens of thousands of people usually ride the Banff Gondola to the summit of the mountain. This is about 2,282 meters above sea level. The visitors are especially many during the summer. Not many people are fans of visiting the place during winter and hence during this season it is extremely peaceful and quiet. The ride up to the summit provides the most charming of views you can get anywhere in Canada. If you would like to walk up the mountain you can do so and at the same time buy a one-way ticket for a ride on the gondola. The ride takes a mere eight minutes.

The gondola ride is interesting but does not come highly recommended for people with a fear of heights. However, what comes greatly suggested is to take a hike up the mountain. This might prove to be a challenge for some people but it is a very conquerable feat.

Once you get to the summit visitor center you will find restaurants, a gift shop and washrooms. Whether you want to take breakfast, lunch or dinner, the two restaurants here provide you with fine dining opportunities. There are observation decks to be found at the summit complex offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding.

Enjoying your trip up The Sulphur Mountain in Banff is really easy if you:

- Go at the right time

- Dress in the appropriate clothes

- Do not leave in a hurry

When you go during the summer period, waiting for the gondola can prove to be truly disappointing. But if you can make it early as they open or any time before 11am you will not have a problem. Anytime there are many people visiting the place is not really convenient.

The weather is dramatic- like with most mountainous regions. Even during summer it can get pretty chilly, make sure you dress warmly. Finally, do not be tempted to reach the top and then go back down immediately because you enjoyed the gondola ride. Allow yourself at least an hour or so to walk around the trails at the top. You will get to see the surrounding in an amazing lot of ways. Some of the views you will get are completely out of this world.

The Trump Hotel – Modern Elegance Just Off the Strip

25 Jan

vegasThe new Trump Hotel in Las Vegas is a luxury, sophisticated, non-gaming hotel located just above The Strip. While only being steps away from the best entertainment of the city, it is still removed enough to be considered friendly to family. The diligent staff are very committed to great service, and enhancing the luxurious feel of the hotel.


Location of the Hotel

The hotel is adjacent to Fashion Show Mall, which is pretty much in the center of the Las Vegas Strip. In this mall, some of the best shopping boutiques and brands in the country pamper guests with products found nowhere else in the world.


While still being located off the Strip, it is only steps away from many of the city’s best casinos, including the Wynn and the Rio hotels, so you are never too far away from the action. Just far enough to be able to get away from it when you want to be.


For travelers, it’s also conveniently located only four miles from McCarran International Airport, with an optional shuttle to pick you up on arrival.


Hotel Features and What to See

The building itself is a 64-story luxury combination of 1,282 rooms and suites, all decked out with the following:


  • Fully-Furnished Bosh Kitchenettes
  • Sub Zero and Wolfe appliances
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Floor to ceiling windows in all rooms
  • MP3 docking stereos
  • 500 thread count linens of bed


The hotel is designed to serve as a safe haven hotel from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, boasting that it does not have a casino on the property. Being a place to get away, guests can expect a grand pampering at The Spa, which is a 11,000 square feet facility, opening to an outdoor pool complex that is heated and opened all year round.


Visitors have the chance to dine at one of the two Trumps’ on-site restaurants while taking the advantage of twenty four hour room service. The hotel has complimentary shuttle services from the lobby to the Las Vegas Strip and parking is always available for free.


Time and time again, guests have said that the best part of the hotel is having the chance to enjoy panoramic, sweeping views of the city, not only from the hotel’s highest point, but from every single room.


What to Do in Trump International Hotel

The hotel offers a great health and fitness club, allowing guests to work off the hangover from the night before, before relaxing in the sauna and steam rooms. Or if fitness isn’t quite your thing, there is a full service salon for you to get dolled up before hitting the town.


Other Information Visitors Should Know

The resort fee not included in the quoted rate is collected upon check-in. The resort fee includes fitness center access, overnight valet parking, in-suite bottled coffee and water, delivery of daily newspaper, incoming fax, toll free calls, wireless internet, shoe shine service and Area shuttle.



If you are looking for a nicer place to go to in Vegas, all while not having to walk through a smoky casino to get to your hotel room, the Trump Hotel is the place to go. Go online and book today!

Travel Alone Opens Great Opportunities

18 Jan

solotravelSometimes we need to travel alone to allow us to grow and develop our individual personalities and give us new experiences being independent. Many people are afraid of traveling alone and this is a normal feeling especially when you are not used to going to places without company. However, when you need the time and space to be away from a constricting life, one should learn to face fears of being alone. Sometimes we need to be strong enough be on our own in a while new city or country to gives the opportunity become autonomous and enjoy our lives without anyone telling us what to do.

Going on a vacation holiday without company is one exciting endeavor but it is important to travel the way that bests suits you at a particular time. If you are gearing towards an adventure packed holiday, then this will be enjoyed with a group. But if you are looking for some peaceful and serene time to reflect, you will be better off being alone. A holiday getaway without company is not always easy as sometimes you can be fraught with frustrations, difficulties and even dangers.

But why do people travel alone despite the challenges? It’s because of the freedom they get choosing and deciding for their own trip. If you have travel companions, you need to please them and go along with their travel plans. Being alone will allow you to leave or stay whenever and wherever you want, or eat, shop and do whatever you want. Freedom is not a thing that we always have and when given the chance, this could lead to a unique travel experience. You can freely decide for your travel plans and even change it when something new interests you. Aside from the freedom, you are not caught up with compromises with having companions. Traveling with your wife, children, family, close friends or colleagues will require compromising at a certain degree and this could hinder you from experiencing the trip that you wanted.

Traveling alone does not mean you have to go solo all the time because you can still meet new people and gain new friends along the way. An individual traveler looks more approachable to tourists and locals as compared to closed groups when they are only in communication amongst them. Going in a solo trip will allow you to easily talk to people especially the locals who are willing to help tourists.

Aside from all the advantages mentioned above, the true sense of traveling alone is for self-discovery. You can enjoy a new city or country by yourself with no travel guide because you can rely on your communications skills to discover and experience the place. This can however be a true test of character but once you have succeeded in traveling alone, you will learn and understand yourself and be proud of what you have achieved.

Smart Travel – Finding the Best British Food

15 Jan

britIf you are wondering what British food is all about, you really do not need look further than your own kitchen. You might be amazed that the foods you eat have influences from the British cuisine. Traditional foods in England are not very fancy; in fact some of these are foods that you actually serve in your own dining table or you eat in your favorite restaurant. Regardless of where you go today, you can surely find some British food influence in what you are eating as these have been adopted by many countries eventually affecting our daily meals. People all over the world are familiar with some of the dishes that the British offer because these dishes are easy to prepare and the ingredients are easily available.

Typical British food have come a long way and have evolved in many variations. Dishes such as Shepherd’s pie or take out foods like fish and chips are pure British but have many recipes have been modified to suit the varying taste preferences of other countries. Soups and stews have long been a staple of the people of England and have become staples of other countries as well. These hot dishes are perfect for the cold months but because can be also enjoyed even in the warmer months. Traditional British cuisine is easy to find anywhere but you should never miss out in tasting these dishes when you are in England.

If you want to start your day right, a Full English breakfast will give you the boost of energy you need for a whole day’s activity.  This meal consists of sausages, bacon, fried eggs, fried tomatoes, black pudding, and fried bread or toast on the side. Everything on your plate is practically fried but you can opt for scrambled eggs with some fried mushrooms or baked beans mixed in. You will be very full after this calorie overloaded meal so avoid having this meal every day.

A traditional British lunch or dinner is like the typical dinners we have on the weekends which usually consist of roast meat (lamb, beef, chicken, or pork), roast potatoes, mash, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy. The lamb is best complimented with a mint sauce while gravy is the ideal savory sauce on top of roast beef.  Yorkshire pudding is almost the same as roasted bread and is perfect for catching and mopping all the yummy juices in your plate.

Shepherd’s pie is one dish easily recreated at home but is even better when prepared the traditional way. A traditional British Shepherd’s pie is made with ground lamb covered with vegetables and mashed potatoes but the modified version uses beef or pork. Fish and chips is another traditional British dish that has been adapted by different countries. There is no doubt that every pub on the planet has fish and chips on its menu as this dish was once quintessentially English. It is very unhealthy but is very delicious making it an in demand take-out/fast-food for diners on the go.

Afternoon tea time is 100% British and during this time you will see an assortment of luscious little finger foods that sit alongside a hot pot of tea. Mid afternoon tea has been a fashion dating the mid 1800’s and has then become a habit for the British. Traditional English tea time usually takes place between 4PM and 5PM but can actually be taken whenever you want. Along the streets of London are stores or cafes that serve small pastries, delicate sweets, light sandwiches and flaky desserts that are perfect taste compliment your tea. Afternoon tea can be black tea with milk served in a teapot or cream tea served with a scone filled with jam and whipped cream but both are equally delightful.

Traditional British cuisine might have been known as bland and boring but these days are gone and a new perspective of their food has unfolded. British food is now back on the cuisine map as they refreshed old favorites with new ideas and cooking methods. These dishes are available almost anywhere in the globe but are best prepared and tasted in their land of origin – England. So if ever you are in England, make sure to try all these traditional British cuisines.


Paris Las Vegas

15 Jan

vegasPlanning a Las Vegas trip can get you all excited but anxious at the same time especially in selecting the right hotel. There are many fabulous hotels located in Las Vegas that provide different amenities to different types of guests. Some of hotels are known for their luxurious accommodations while there are those that are affordable and offer wonderful service and quality amenities. Most hotels and resorts in Sin City have onsite casinos and offer the best shopping and one of a kind dining experience. The Paris Las Vegas is one of those hotels that offer guests a complete set of amenities and can be considered as a “jack of all trades”. If you want to have the time of your life in Vegas, then you should certainly stay at the Paris Hotel.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino will make anyone feel as if they’re halfway around the globe in Europe where they can awe at the splendor and magnificence of popular landmarks in Paris. Staying at the hotel is like being in two places at the same time as you’re actually in the Unites States but you feel as if you’re in the City of Lights where there is the Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, the Lourve Museum and more. This French themed hotel screams luxury from inside out as everything is undeniably first class and there is literally no room for mediocrity.


Lavish Rooms and Accommodations

European luxury is definitely a common theme all around the Paris Las Vegas especially in their rooms where everything furniture and furnishing is carefully planned out to create an authentic French ambiance. Europe is known all over the world for its class and luxury but you do not need to travel far to experience first-class accommodation as there is the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas that recreates this European vibe. Expect to lie down in comfortable beds with leatherette headboards that are matching in designs and the beddings are only the best materials. Each room has an elegant atmosphere making you feel as if you’re kings and queen.

Their French themed rooms have sophisticated desks that allow you to work comfortably for business transactions. You can also easily entertain and have guests over your room as there are living room chairs and sofas that provide comfortable seating. The bathrooms have floral wash basins with separate tubs and showers that exude a classic French inspired design. All suites in this hotel include spacious sitting area and their built in wet bars for your cocktail party. Guests can easily make use of room amenities for free but take note there are some services and facilities that come with a fee.


Impressive Dining Options

Your stay in Paris Las Vegas will not be complete without dining in their impressive fancy restaurants. Since French is the theme of the hotel, there is nothing more French than the Eiffel Tower. This famous Paris landmark is the inspiration for The Eiffel Tower restaurant where mouth watering French dishes are served. This restaurant is one of the most celebrated restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip as you can delight on five star food prepared by only the best chefs on the planet. This restaurant is open daily during lunch and dinner so better make sure to try it out.

For more casual dining, Mo Ami Gabi is the ideal venue to experience authentic French bistro. Delight your taste buds with the most delectable French cuisines on the Strip and make sure to pair it with the perfect wine selected from their comprehensive wine list. This little French bistro is open from late morning until late in the evening so there is definitely adequate time for guests to enjoy their meals.

These are just some of the popular offerings of the hotel and you can experience more when you stay in Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casinos.


Indulge in Luxury and Glamour by Staying at Wynn Las Vegas

02 Jan

 vegasA trip to Las Vegas spells bright lights, glamour and of course casino’s from which its name is derived from which is “Sin City”. The city is filled with casino’s which promises you an opportunity to win or win some more unless you have a strong grip on your impulse.  The Wynn Las Vegas Hotel or also referred to as simply the Wynn is a luxury resort strategically located in Paradise, Nevada. Built in 2004 and officially opened in April 2005, the estimated budget consumed to construct this luxury palace was $2.7 billion.

This 5 star hotel offers guests the complete Las Vegas experience to keep you busy and entertained from luxury suites, active casinos, bar/restaurant, shows, nightclubs and many more activities to choose from. Let’s carefully go over the features of this splendid hotel.


Choose your Room Accommodation:

Wynn Resort – Make your pick and Get comfortable in one of Wynn’s deluxe rooms which are the Deluxe Resort, Deluxe Panoramic and the Panoramic Corner. All three room types feature the convenience of touch-screen curtains, lighting and privacy controls, enjoy views of the Wynn golf course or Las Vegas Strip from your 640 sq rt room, and bathroom features an oversized marble bath with separate shower and water closet. Work in the comfort of your room with high-speed Internet access, cordless phone and iPhone dock.

Wynn Tower Suites – At the Wynn Tower Suites, you will enjoy an exclusive arrival and check-in,complimentary breakfast for two and access to private pools. With a wide selection of suites to choose from, any decision you make guarantees no regrets. Choose from the Tower King, Executive Suite, Parlor Suite, Salon Suite and the Fairway Villa. Enjoy complimentary breakfast for two at Tableau, daily coffee service, fitness center access, twice daily maid service and no resort fees. Compared to the Wynn Resorts, the selected Tower Suites are more spacious and offer more amenities and services such as a rejuvenating massage in your private Fairway Villa massage room, panoramic views of the Wynn Golf Course and balconies allowing for outdoor dining.



After a short relaxation in your room indulge in fine dining to satisfy your appetite, with 25 on site restaurants to pick from. Depending on your preference, you can go on a Vegan diet, enjoy a buffet while watching the Le Reve, dine inside in an intimate garden-inspired patio and many more.


Activities and Shows:

Experience the magic of Cirque du Soleils Le Rêve – The Dream, voted “Best Show in Las Vegas,” welcomes you into a warm, romantic and mysterious world. From artistic athleticism to aerial acrobatics, your senses will be captivated as you immerse yourself in a realm of fantasy, danger and reverie. Aside from the entertainment, if you’re still longing for more you can enjoy shopping, get a spa massage, workout at the fitness centre, take a dip at the pool or do some golfing.

Travel Safely in an Unfamiliar Place

23 Dec

travel1Many people dream of going to different destinations abroad and when this dream is realized, we should be on our best so that we can truly enjoy our dream travel activity. If this is your first time to go abroad especially in a place that is unfamiliar to you, you should always be on guard because being a tourist makes you a favorite prey of goblins of the world. Read about the place you’re going to and make sure you have the right outfit suited for the weather for safety and comfort.

You can easily be identified as a tourist when you are not blending in with the crowd, if you are going to cold weather destination pack up your coats, if it is a beach destination makes sure you read the summer beachwear essentials. Standing out in a crowd is one mistake that many tourists make especially when they are fond of flaunting their jewelry, expensive possessions and carrying large amounts of cash. Not everyone can afford a tour especially in developed countries where there is a high cost of living. Criminals assume that only those who can afford to travel are rich people and when you give them the impression that you are rich by acting extravagant, you will certainly be an apple of their eyes.

But how can you travel safely when you are in an unfamiliar place? You cannot stay at home all your life and deny yourself of the opportunity to see the world. Traveling is a fun and exciting experience for each and every one of us and if we are still physically and financially capable, we should take this opportunity to be happy even if there are possible threats around us. Criminals are all over the place even if you are at home or abroad, but we should not let these threats hinder us from enjoying our life. The key to avoid becoming a victim is not to become a too obvious tourist.

It is always recommended to read about your travel destination especially if this is an unfamiliar area. The internet has information about almost anything and there are even guides and pictures that could help become familiar with the town or country. The more you read and learn about the place, the more confident you become when you are there. You could download maps, directions and different information to your mobile phone, tablet or other gadgets for easy access.

Your main goal when traveling is to blend in and this will be possible if you have studied about the country’s culture and how their locals behave, if it’s a beach make sure take notice of summer beachwear essentials. Of course you cannot fully blend in with how they look like when they’re white and you’re black but you can blend in with how you conduct yourself. Wear similar clothes as possible and avoid flashy or brand new clothing that could easily attract attention.

If possible go on a group tour especially when you are traveling abroad for the first time. Going on a group tour is beneficial as you will have a tour guide who will bring only to the safe places for a tourist. Do not be too confident to be on your own as there are areas that are unsafe to visit especially when you are an unfamiliar individual.

It is best to always think about your safety when you travel because when you lose your focus, you can easily become vulnerable to serious dangers.


Hard Rock Las Vegas – Hotel Information

16 Dec

hotels in las vegasOne of the most notable international hotel names, the Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel and Casino does not disappoint but rather exceed any expectations you might have had during your stay in the Strip. Featuring unique designs and excellent entertainment facilities, the rooms and suites are fully equipped with amenities to ensure your stay is complete. Above all the hotel continues to live up to its name and provide guests a rock and roll ambiance to keep the energy level high. With spacious rooms and suites which provide a taste of modern luxury with style and sophistication.


Choosing your Accommodations - The luxurious Hard Rock Las Vegas features 11 floors with 64 suites, several penthouses, and 648 guestrooms which you choose within any of the three towers in Hard Rock Hotel. The Casino Tower rooms provide guests 460-square-feet of breathing space, clean modern lines, premium bedding, fully stocked mini bar, plasma TVs and a Bose CD stereo system. In the morning, enjoy the morning view of the scenic city view. The Paradise Tower Rooms feature a spacious 476-square-feet with a mountain view, stylish luxury bedding, a fully stocked mini bar, 40” LCD TV and a stylish bathroom with an extra-large shower.


For your Suite options, the HRH All-Suite Tower features spacious rooms starting at 701-square-foot with a scenic city view. It also boasts lavish luxury bedding, two 40” LCD TVs with DVD player, a fully stocked mini bar and an oversized bathroom. The Penthouse Suite is the ultimate accommodation featuring a whopping 4,200-square-foot suite which can fit 10 guests with three luxurious bedrooms and three spectacular bathrooms, which includes a six-person mosaic hot tub with a view of the Las Vegas Strip.


Entertainment and Dining Options – Satisfy your hunger at one of the finest restaurants in the world, the 35 Steaks + Martinis  is the top steakhouse cuisine which offers excellent dishes featuring the 35 day 35 ounce prime Tomahawk Steak. The Culinary Dropout mixes a soulful ambiance and features fresh cocktails served by stylish bartenders who carefully craft them. After your meal head to the casino and be reunited with your favorite game feature table games, poker, slots, high limit gaming, cantor race and sports and double down casino. The Joint

is committed to music, stage lighting and talent, The Joint has earned its reputation as one of the most sophisticated and authentic music venues in Las Vegas. The nightlife does not stop so party like a rockstar at one of the hotel clubs, when the morning comes treat yourself and relax at one of the spa’s or shop at the famous Hard Rock Store.


Accommodation Tips for a Hassle Free Travel

12 Dec

accomodation There are many things that you can do in the internet when planning for your upcoming travel. You can book tickets, research about the activities in your destination and check the cheapest rate for accommodations. But aside from checking the cost of your bookings, you should also check the amenities and services provided, location, possible references from other people. If you are a traveler that is very particular with accommodations, then you must do thorough research to be able to choose the hotel that best suit you needs and preferences.

Most hotels have websites that you can browse to see what the rooms look like, the different areas in the hotel and how much the daily rate cost. There are also various travel websites that you can access that can help you with reservations and bookings. You can conveniently check the availability of the room and can book it easily as soon as you have decided. Once you have made any reservations, make sure to have a copy of all the booking information so that you can easily retrieve it during your actual travel. Make sure to have a printed copy of your booking information and leave a copy to your family or friends so that they will know your whereabouts especially when you are abroad.

To avoid problems at the hotel, make sure to know the proper times for check-in and check-out so that you can easily manage your activities. Different accommodations have varying check-in and check-out times so do not generalize and assume anything unless you have confirmed it during booking. You should verify the hotel amenities and services if this is really stated in their website and is actually present in the hotel. Do not hesitate research about directions or have a copy of the local map to bring with you when you are out in the streets. If possible, have a brochure of the hotel or calling card with hotel information so that you can easily show it to the taxi driver or a bystander when asking for directions to the hotel.

Be safe all the time and take precautions even if you are in the hotel. Make it a habit to always check the front desk about hotel policies and confirm important details like opening and closing times so that you will not lose track with time when you have activities outside the hotel. Always check your room and your belongings especially during check-out time to make sure that no items are left behind. Extra charges for staying after check-out time may apply for some hotel so be sure to coordinate with the front desk when this happens. Do not leave until you have reviewed the bill so that you will be sure that you are only paying for appropriate charges.

Keep these simple tips in mind for your accommodation so that you can have a hassle free travel domestically or internationally. Be open with different options and do not be afraid to try out new things like new and unique accommodations choices that can give you a whole new experience. Try to be flexible with your trip as much as possible for you to be able to book the most affordable or most fitting accommodation for your travel.